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Hear from my amazing clients. Read their stories and see how I can help you achieve your goals, too!

Lauren B.

Director of Strategy

NAMI Chicago

Before partnering with Liz, I was stepping into a pivotal leadership role. The stakes were high, with increased responsibilities and a spotlight on my performance. I had the competence but grappled with truly anchoring my unique management style. The isolation I felt as the lone non-binary leader in my organization added another layer of challenge.


The pull towards Liz's coaching was the prospect of 'radical confidence.' I yearned for a deep dive into self, hoping to intertwine my identity, values, and experiences into my leadership. Liz’s approach to coaching exceeded those hopes.


Each session with her felt like a rejuvenating sanctuary, masterfully blending introspective journeys with actionable strategies. She navigated both expansive concepts like emotional independence and the finer details of intricate relationship dynamics. Plus, the external resources she provided catalyzed my reflections between our sessions.


The fruits of our collaboration? A significant boost in my confidence, an enriched vocabulary to articulate my areas of growth, and tangible strategies to propel me forward. Challenges like presentation anxiety now feel more manageable, and my approach to strategic team planning is refined.


For those on the fence about partnering with Liz: This is not just leadership coaching. It's an expedition into self-awareness and self-love. What surprised me most was the profound importance of having a queer coach. The shared language, cultural touchpoints, and the inherent understanding meant I could dive deep without having to explain the nuances of my lived experience. Through our work, I’ve recognized the power of my queer identity in shaping my leadership, a revelation I believe could only truly come from a queer-centric coaching approach. 


If you're seeking a genuine transformation in your leadership journey, rooted in authenticity and understanding, Liz is your guide.

Indigo A.

Sr. Manager Diversity & Inclusion


Facing a pivotal moment in my career, on the cusp of a promotion within the tech industry, I felt like I was hitting a bit of a wall in navigating the challenges of the corporate world. That's when I sought out Liz. Her reputation as a queer coach who helps folks navigate with intentionality was exactly what I needed—not just to climb the ladder but to do so without losing my sense of self or purpose.

The importance of working with a queer coach like Liz cannot be overstated. Her intimate understanding of the queer experience in the workplace bridged a gap I didn't even realize existed. My goals were clear: to amplify my influence, to solidify my confidence, and to distinguish my authentic voice from the one pressured to assimilate.

At first, I was nervous about having "enough to do" in coaching, but those trepidations dissolved quickly. Liz's approach—encompassing every aspect that shapes me as a leader, including the nuanced power dynamics out of my control—helped me to navigate with my authenticity intact.

The experience? Nothing short of incredible. Liz's authenticity, thoughtful prompts, and ability to get to the roots of issues unearthed simple truths that propelled my growth. Our sessions became a trusted space for transformative conversation.

The outcome is tangible. I'm using my voice more, trusting my intuition, and unapologetically embracing who I am, bringing my full expertise and perspective to my role. Colleagues have noticed, too, commenting on my growing confidence and strength as a growing inclusive leader.

To those wondering about working with Liz: Invest in yourself. The learning, growth, and return on that investment are beyond value. Working with Liz isn’t just coaching; it's an awakening.

Elayne Wylie

Executive Director

Gender Justice League

Liz helped me see myself for who I am and helped me see past my own tendencies to limit who I get to be in the world. She challenged me to show up as a leader; there was no sitting back and waiting for the changes to occur. I was immediately invited into the driver's seat of my own experience. I came to achieve a level of understanding about my own potential that was previously unknown to me.

Denise Diskin

Executive Director

QLaw Foundation of Washington

Working with Liz has been transformative for me – and not just because we worked together over a transformative pandemic year! She helped me see the “outside-the-box” skills I have and how they make me uniquely good at executive leadership. And, as someone who consistently has too much to do and gets asked to do even more, her ability to help me identify my priorities and set boundaries centered in those priorities has been a game-changer. She’s funny and accessible and just generally incredible!

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