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Coaching for Queer Leaders

Who the heck is a ‘leader’ anyway? Well, you are! 


Leadership coaching is useful for anyone who leads anything: an organization, a team, a project, a movement, a community group. This work is important for executives, first-time managers, community leaders, board members, arts leaders…you get the picture. 


If you identify as LGBTQ+, and are leading anything, there are critical skills that you need in order to be effective, and which will allow you to draw on your queer experience to become a stronger leader.

Need a guided preview?

This quick questionnaire will help you determine what offerings fit your current needs and capacities. This will also help us in identifying specific areas to address to make sure you get the most out of the programs. Otherwise, check out the entries below for more info!

1:1 Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

recommended for executive / tenured leaders

As an executive leader, whether you lead a function or an entire organization, you're dealing with unique and nuanced issues. You need someone who can support you in fine-tuning your leadership, deepening your authentic style, and making sense of profound, often ambiguous challenges.

In my work with LGBTQ+ executive leaders, I tailor my approach to your specific needs, helping you get straight to the heart of the issues you're facing. I bring my queer experience to the table, as well as my years of working with executive leaders in both corporate and nonprofit spaces, which means that you'll be working with a coach who can quickly understand your organization, without having to educate anyone about your identity and experience as a queer leader.

I am here to support you in this crucial development work.

QYL program logo with graphic resembling a rainbow and the text below it reads queer your leadership.

QYL One-on-One Coaching

recommended for emerging leaders

Ready to take your leadership to the next level? My Queer Your Leadership 1:1 Coaching package is designed to help you dive deeply (and quickly!) so that you can bust through your self-doubt, find your authentic leadership style, and build real confidence as a leader.

You'll go from self-doubt and questioning your leadership to:


  • Understanding how you can use your emotional intelligence to be more effective as a leader

  • Being crystal-clear on your most critical development priorities and how to work on them

  • Having a solid set of tools to support your confidence in any situation

  • Defining your queer leadership style, and feeling great about showing up authentically, everywhere you go

  • Having a specific and strategic plan for your continued leadership development

Your Options:

3-Month Package

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment, report, and 90-minute debrief session

  • Six 50-minute coaching sessions

  • Messaging support between sessions

  • Self-paced activities

6-Month Package

  • EQ-i 2.0 assessment, report, and 90-minute debrief session

  • Twelve 50-minute coaching sessions

  • Messaging support between sessions

  • Self-paced activities

Group Coaching

QYL program logo with graphic resembling a rainbow and the text below it reads queer your leadership.

For Queer Leaders who want to work on building radical leadership confidence in community with other badass queer folks, we've got two group coaching options!

QYL Community

If you want to experience community-style group coaching while also growing your network, this option is for you! For just $75*/month, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited group coaching - access as many group coaching sessions as you want (we offer at least two sessions every week).

  • Access to asynchronous office hours where you can submit leadership questions

  • A forum to connect with other queer leaders!

  • And more goodies!

Click here to join!

QYL Immersion

If you’re ready to take a deep-dive into understanding yourself as a queer leader, growing your emotional intelligence skills, and honing your unique leadership presence, you’ll love this program! The QYL Immersion is a guided 12-week program with both self-paced activities and live coaching. The Immersion includes:

  • ​Three months of QYL Community membership (Value: $225)

  • Emotional Intelligence assessment, report, and private coaching session (Value: $600)

  • Weekly self-paced coaching modules, packed with leadership resources & self-paced activities created especially for queer leaders (Value: $1200)

  • Online, asynchronous forum where you can share your insights and get support (Priceless!)

The total value of this program is over $2000, but your cost is only $1095*!

Click here to join!

Click here to see the topics we cover in the program!

*To foster equity in our community, we do offer a limited number of name-your-price seats each month. If the costs are prohibitive and you’d like to access a name-your-price seat, please let us know.

Still undecided? Answer the questionnaire!

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