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Welcome to the
Imposter Syndrome Breakthrough
5-Day Challenge!

Are you dealing with an inner critic who tells you you're an imposter, or that you don't belong in leadership? You're not alone - this is one of the most common pain points I hear about from queer leaders.

If you're ready to start building radical leadership confidence, join me for this challenge and start breaking through those imposter feelings!

About the Challenge

The Imposter Syndrome Breakthrough is a 5-Day Challenge designed specifically for queer leaders who are tired of feeling like imposters in their leadership journey. Over the course of five days, you'll: 

  • Explore some common causes of imposter feelings, and develop practices to disrupt them 

  • Reframe common ideas about imposter syndrome from a queer, antiracist lens

  • Challenge oppressive systems of power and define success on your own terms

  • Cultivate resilience and confidence by adopting several self-coaching practices

What to Expect:

Each day, you'll receive a video note from queer leadership coach Liz Cruz, guiding you through the day's topic and providing practical strategies for disrupting the thoughts patterns that lead to imposter feelings. You'll also have access to reflection questions, activities, and a supportive online community of fellow queer leaders on the same journey.

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Break free from self-doubt and imposter feelings that hold you back from leading confidently

  • Gain valuable insights and tools to navigate unique challenges faced by queer leaders

  • Learn from other queer leaders who have shared their insights

  • Start your journey towards radical confidence and liberated leadership

Ready to Get Started?

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