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Team Effectiveness Offerings

Partnering with a diverse consultant network, we engage with teams and organizations of any size to improve communication and collaboration, create more effective and inclusive team processes, and improve strategic planning and execution through operationalizing and centering equity.

Your pain points

Your Team:

  • is newly formed and needs to build trust and momentum quickly

  • is taking on a big challenge and needs to navigate complexity, ambiguity, and time pressures

  • is already high-performing, and ready to level up

  • is ready to evolve and operationalize equity across your organization

  • wants to make the most of this unique moment in time as we reset and define the future of work

Whether you want to expand your current leadership development offerings or help your team access their full potential, we're here to help!

Our solutions

We offer a range of services informed by the core principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion or JEDI.

JEDI work is not singular in focus, nor is it linear, simplistic, or easily contained within one specific framework. JEDI work is about humanizing, historicizing, and healing all peoples within a context of dehumanizing structural and systemic oppression, manufactured and erased histories, and mass cultural traumas that have created and perpetuated acute and long-term soul wounds (Duran, E., Duran, B., Heart, M.Y.H.B., Horse-Davis, S.Y., 1998). It is about deeply reflecting upon, questioning, and transforming the structures, policies, practices, and procedures of our organization from the most minute to those with the greatest reach and impact. And, it is about healing ourselves and each other as we begin to shed the legacies of our participation in or targeting by systemic inequity.


  • Gap Analysis & Auditing

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Goal-Setting

  • Annual Review & Planning

  • Vision Clarification

  • Internal Equity Program Development

  • Equitable & Liberatory Organizational Process & Design

Capacity Building

  • Inclusive Meeting Practices & other Mezzo- and Micro-strategies

  • JEDI Skills workshops

  • Unlearning Anti-Blackness, Disrupting White Supremacy Culture

  • Emotional Intelligence for Teams & Organizations

  • Team & Organizational Culture Growth

Team Building

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Debrief

  • Offsite/Team Build Planning & Facilitation

Affinity Group Development

  • Team and/or Individual Coaching for Affinity Group Leaders

  • Mission, Vision & Strategy for New Groups

  • Instructional & Event Design for Affinity Group Offerings

  • Team Development

Our approach

We are committed to supporting you in creating meaningful and lasting change in your organization. Our approach is:

Holistic. We craft our approach to each project with careful thought for both individual participants’ growth and organizational change, and with the understanding that the best change happens when we address personal & interpersonal learning, team norms & practices, policy, and other levers simultaneously.

Responsive & Agile. From experience, we know that no two organizational change journeys are the same, and that these journeys are rarely linear or predictable. We are emergent strategists, intuitive systems-thinkers, and creative masterminds. We design our approach to most projects in stages, allowing discoveries along the way to inform how the process unfolds.

Humanizing & Emotionally Intelligent. Daily we are often asked to subjugate our emotional, physical, psychic, and spiritual selves to fit into the workplace. This comes at a cost to ourselves and in our effectiveness and teamwork. This has compounded throughout the pandemic. We want empathy and connection more than ever before and yet we struggle to know how to create that. We bring emotional intelligence, presence, vulnerability, healing, and other humanizing elements to every engagement.

Our network

Our connections - familial, collegial, and friend - inform every aspect of our thinking and work.

We are embedded within communities of thinkers, educators, coaches, and artists across the spectra of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, ethnicity, religion, and more. Our thinking is always informed by these connections and the scholarship of queer, trans, nonbinary, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Further, our partnership network is wide, deep, and richly diverse allowing us to conscientiously consider each project and assemble the “just right” team to meet your needs.  

Our frequent partners & co-conspirators include:


Ready to grow? Let's talk!

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