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Group Coaching

Develop radical confidence in your leadership, in community with other brilliant queer leaders!

​My Queer Your Leadership Group Coaching Program is designed to help you navigate through your identities, hone your reflexivity, and share a space with fellow leaders desiring to lead from a place of authenticity and integrity.

​In ten weeks, we'll focus on:

  • Gaining Clarity: in your vision for yourself as a leader, in your leadership philosophy and values, in how your queerness (and other identities) is present in your leadership style

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence: in defining your leadership style, in becoming an effective and empathetic leader

  • Improving Confidence: in leadership, in communication, in navigating workplace dynamics and through life transitions

  • Building Community: with other queer leaders; creating a space to explore possibilities and growth while having support and guidance

Your journey:​

  • You'll be part of a targeted ten-week program designed to create significant results and build momentum in your development.

  • You'll have a supportive environment of fellow queer leaders who face similar challenges, and who are committed to supporting one another’s growth. You’ll have accountability partners, support, and meaningful professional connections.

  • Weeks 1 & 2: We'll begin by exploring our queer experiences, how these inform our viewpoints, and how we can translate insights from this exploration into our own leadership styles.

  • Week 3: We'll then complete an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment. You'll receive a 20-page personalized report; we'll debrief these together as a group.

  • Weeks 4-9: We'll have a 90-minute live group session every other week. Each time we meet, we’ll explore the group’s real-time leadership challenges. We’ll tap into the group’s collective brilliance in these sessions; you’ll share your experience and ideas, and get support from everyone else at the same time

  • On our non-meeting weeks, I'll hold virtual office hours so that you can get support between sessions

  • You'll also get access to a TON of content on emotional intelligence - there will be videos, self-paced activities, reflection prompts & more.

  • Week 10: We'll meet one last time to close out the program, celebrate, and explore what's next in your leadership development world.

  • Throughout it all, you'll have access to a vibrant community hub (via Podia) to keep the momentum up.

Your investment for Queer Your Leadership is $1495*

Here's what's included:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment and group debrief.

  • Five (5) 90-minute group coaching calls (in addition to the EQ-i debrief). 

  • Access to self-paced activities and relevant content via Podia.

  • Access to an exclusive community via Podia so that you can connect with your group to share resources and support.

*To foster equity in our community, we do offer a limited number of name-your-price seats in each cohort.

Let's get started!

High five for your choice to focus time and energy on your own growth - I'm SO excited to have you in the Queer Your Leadership Group Program!

Our next cohort starts 5/2, and registration is open now!

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