Queer Your Leadership - the Group edition!

Develop radical confidence in your leadership, in community with other brilliant queer leaders

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

​My Queer Your Leadership group coaching program is designed to help you dive deeply (and quickly!) so that you can bust through your self-doubt, find your authentic leadership style, and build real confidence as a leader. 

​In three months, you'll go from frustrated
and questioning your leadership to:

  • Being crystal-clear on your most critical development priorities and how to work on them

  • Having a solid set of tools to support you in making powerful progress on your goals

  • Understanding how you can use your emotional intelligence to be more effective as a leader

  • Defining your queer leadership style, and feeling great about showing up authentically, everywhere you go

  • Having a specific and strategic plan for your continued leadership development

  • Being connected to a community of queer leaders who are committed to supporting one another’s growth

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​The Journey:

Focus your development goals: The first step to ‘getting there’ is knowing where ‘there’ is!  We’ll start by creating a vision of success (your ‘north star’) and identifying development goals to focus on in the next few months. We’ll explore what’s currently getting in your way, what’s already working well for you, and the best places for you to focus right now.

Toolkit for powerful action: Next, I’ll give you a bunch of my favorite action-planning tools.   With these practices in your pocket, you’ll be able to bust through feeling ‘stuck’, jumpstart your productivity, unpack thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back, and start taking powerful action in any situation.

Know your EQ: Great leadership has everything to do with Emotional Intelligence.  We use EQ to be aware of and regulate our own emotions, to be aware of the emotions of others, and to more effectively manage our relationships. EQ leads to greater personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and leaders who leverage these skills are able to drive greater team connection and effectiveness.  In this phase we'll use an Emotional Intelligence assessment.  We’ll debrief our assessments as a group; you’ll learn about the five signposts of emotional intelligence, and will identify your most important growth areas, as well as which strengths you want to better leverage.

Define your Queer Leadership Style: Over several sessions, we’ll dive deep into the leadership topics that are most important to the group.  You’ll continue building your confidence and raising your emotional intelligence as we work with your real-time leadership challenges.  In this phase, we’ll also explore the elements of your queer experience and identity that are important to your leadership style. You’ll craft a powerful personal statement about who you are as a queer leader, and we’ll discuss strategies for showing up authentically, everywhere you go.

Tie it all Together: As we wrap up, we’ll work to pull together everything you’ve learned about yourself over the past 12 weeks.  We’ll identify anything else that you need to put into place to sustain your learning and growth, and I’ll share some tools that will help you to check in with yourself periodically as you’re out there creating powerful change in the world!

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registration opens 3/22/21!

Here’s how it works:
  • A targeted three-month program to create significant results and build momentum in your development

  • A supportive environment of fellow queer leaders who face similar challenges, and who are committed to supporting one another’s growth. Each cohort is limited to 10 participants so that we can create trust and rapport quickly

  • We meet every other week for 90 minutes. Each time we meet, we’ll explore one aspect of emotional intelligence, then dive into the group’s real-time leadership challenges.We’ll tap into the group’s collective brilliance; you’ll share your experience and ideas, and get support from everyone else at the same time

  • Self-reflection homework to keep the momentum up between sessions (plan on spending about 90 minutes on homework on non-meeting weeks)

What’s in it for you:
  • Define your career vision, set straightforward development goals, and take powerful actions to reach your goals

  • Enhance your self-awareness and deepen your emotional intelligence

  • Build community with other queer leaders; you’ll have accountability partners, support, and meaningful professional connections

  • A toolkit of action planning strategies that you’ll use long after the program is done

  • Access to a private slack channel to connect with your cohort; I’ll drop by this group on occasion for surprise extra support

your investment:


Your investment for Queer Your Leadership is $1495.  Here's what's included:

  • A self-guided Vision to Action process that will help you to think big and identify actions you can take right away to make progress on your goals.

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment and group debrief.  This is the leading EQ assessment, and is only available through a certified debriefer

  • Six 90-minute group coaching calls (in addition to the EQ-i debrief). 

  • Assignments to help you keep up your momentum between group calls

  • Access to an exclusive Slack channel so that you can connect with your group to share resources and support 

Registration opens 3/22/21, and space is limited! Join the interest list now for access to early registration and other goodies.
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​​Who the heck is a ‘leader’ anyway?  Well, you are!  Coaching is useful for anyone who leads anything: an organization, a team, a project, a movement, a community group.  The topics we’ll talk discuss are important for executives, first-time managers, community leaders, board members, arts leaders…you get the picture.  If you identify as LBGTQ+, and are leading anything, there are critical skills that you need in order to be effective, and which will allow you to draw on your queer experience to become a stronger leader. 

When does the program start and end? Registration will open 3/22/21, and we'll begin in May.  We'll be scheduling sessions based on input from folks on the interest lists; you'll have a chance to see the full schedule before you sign up.


What's the total time commitment? Before the program starts, you'll spend 2-3 hours on pre-work modules over a couple of weeks (Setting your vision & identifying development goals, exploring the action-planning toolkit, including completing your EQ-i assessment and pre-reading the report).  Once we get started, plan to spend about 90 minutes on the program each week - either attending a group call, or completing homework between sessions.