Queer Your leadership

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

My Queer Your Leadership coaching package is designed to help you dive deeply (and quickly!) so that you can bust through your self-doubt, find your authentic leadership style, and build real confidence as a leader.

In 10 sessions, you'll go from self-doubt and questioning your leadership to:


  • Understanding how you can use your emotional intelligence to be more effective as a leader

  • Being crystal-clear on your most critical development priorities and how to work on them

  • Having a solid set of tools to support your confidence in any situation

  • Defining your queer leadership style, and feeling great about showing up authentically, everywhere you go

  • Having a specific and strategic plan for your continued leadership development

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The 'Queer Your Leadership' Process:  


Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll work together to:

Focus your development goals: The first step to ‘getting there’ is knowing where ‘there’ is!  We’ll start by creating a vision of success (your ‘north star’) and identifying development goals to focus on in the next few months. We’ll explore what’s currently getting in your way, what’s already working well for you, and the best places for you to focus right now. 


Toolkit for powerful action:  Next, I’ll give you a bunch of my favorite action-planning tools.   With these practices in your pocket, you’ll be able to bust through feeling ‘stuck’, jumpstart your productivity, unpack thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back, and start taking powerful action in any situation.

Know your EQ: Great leadership has everything to do with Emotional Intelligence.  We use EQ to be aware of and regulate our own emotions, to be aware of the emotions of others, and to more effectively manage our relationships. EQ leads to greater personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and leaders who leverage these skills are able to drive greater team connection and effectiveness.  In this phase we'll use an Emotional Intelligence assessment.  We’ll debrief your assessment together; you’ll learn about the five signposts of emotional intelligence, and will identify your most important growth areas, as well as which strengths you want to better leverage.

Define your Queer Leadership Style: Over several sessions, we’ll dive deep into the growth areas that are most important to you.  You’ll continue building your confidence and raising your emotional intelligence as we work with your real-time leadership challenges.  In this phase, we’ll also explore the elements of your queer experience and identity that are important to your leadership style. You’ll craft a powerful personal statement about who you are as a queer leader, and we’ll discuss strategies for showing up authentically, everywhere you go.


Tie it all Together: As we wrap up, we’ll work to pull together everything you’ve learned about yourself over the past 12 weeks.  We’ll identify anything else that you need to put into place to sustain your learning and growth, and I’ll share some tools that will help you to check in with yourself periodically as you’re out there creating powerful change in the world!   

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Executive Leadership coaching

Whether you lead a function or an entire organization, as an executive leader you're dealing with unique and nuanced issues. You need someone who can support you in fine-tuning your leadership, deepening your authentic style, and making sense of profound, often ambiguous challenges. 

In my work with LGBTQ+ executive leaders, I tailor my approach to your specific needs, helping you get straight to the heart of the issues you're facing.  I bring my queer experience to the table, as well as my years of working with executive leaders in both corporate and non-profit spaces, which means that you'll be working with a coach who can quickly understand your organization, without having to educate anyone about your identity and experience as a queer leader. 

"Liz helped me see myself for who I am, and helped to me see past my own tendencies to limit who I get to be in the world. She challenged me to show up as a leader; there was no sitting back and waiting for the changes to occur. I was immediately invited into the driver's seat of my own experience. I came to achieve a level of understanding about my own potential that was previously unknown to me."

- Elayne Wylie, Co-Executive Director, Gender Justice League


group coaching


My signature Queer Your Leadership program, now for groups!



Team Solutions

Could your team use some support to unleash their full potential?

I work with teams and organizations of any size to improve communication and collaboration, create more effective and inclusive team processes, and improve strategic planning and execution.

In addition, I have a suite of customizable leadership development content and can deliver anywhere from a single workshop to a complete leadership development program to your team.  I am also happy to create custom content for your organization.


Ready to grow your team?

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Available team solutions include:


  • Delivering Effective Feedback

  • Leading for Innovation

  • Goal Setting for Career Growth

  • Effective Influencing

  • Managing Multiple Priorities

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Team/ Organizational Effectiveness

  • DiSC Behavioral Preference Assessment & Debrief

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Goal-Setting

  • Organizational Design

  • Offsite/Team Build Planning & Facilitation