Queer Leadership Health Check

Are you feeling unsure of yourself as a leader?

At the end of a hard day, do you wonder if you’ll ever feel confident in your choices?


As the only queer leader in your organization, are you exhausted by the code switching, and worried about being taken seriously?  


If so, it’s time for you to get a Queer Leadership Health Check and understand what’s driving your self-doubt so that you can ditch it and start to create some real leadership confidence.  You’ll get practical support from a queer leadership coach (me!) who gets the unique challenges you’re facing.  I developed this powerful session just for LGBTQ+ leaders, to help you:

  • Discover why your confidence goes missing when you MOST need it.

  • Evaluate your current performance against must-have skills for any queer leader.

  • Learn a key practice that will help you to make progress on your development needs.

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Here’s how it works:   Complete a brief self-evaluation, then hop on the phone for a 45-minute call with me to debrief.

At the end of our call you’ll have:

  • Tailored-for-you ideas on how to best leverage your strengths

  • Insight into the one practice you MUST focus on

  • Actions you can take THIS WEEK to start boosting your confidence.


You are a brilliant queer leader – you deserve to put your doubts behind you and shine with confidence in what you bring to the table in any situation.  

Who the heck is a ‘leader’ anyway? Well, you are!  The Queer Leadership Health Check is useful for anyone who leads anything: organization, a team, a project, a movement, a community group.  The topics we’ll talk discuss are important for executives, first-time managers, community leaders, board members, arts leaders…you get the picture. 


If you identify as LBGTQ+, and are leading anything, there are critical skills that you need in order to be effective, and which will allow you to draw on your queer experience to become a stronger leader.


Queer Your leadership

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

My Queer Your Leadership coaching package is designed to help you dive deeply (and quickly!) so that you can bust through your self-doubt, find your authentic leadership style, and build real confidence as a leader.

In 10 sessions, you'll go from self-doubt and questioning your leadership to:


  • Deeply understanding your self-doubt, and how to see it coming from a mile away

  • Having a solid set of tools to support your confidence in any situation

  • Being crystal-clear on your most critical development priorities and how to work on them
  • Understanding how you can use your emotional intelligence to be more effective as a leader

  • Defining your queer leadership style, and feeling great about showing up authentically, everywhere you go

  • Having a specific and strategic plan for your continued leadership development

Ready to dive in?

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The 'Queer Your Leadership' Process:  


Over the course of 10 sessions, we'll work together to:

Step One:  Get to Know Your Inner Critic

Your “inner critic.”Your “secret imposter voice.”Whatever you call it, your self-doubt seems to have a mind of its own, and it is holding you back from being as confident as you could be.


The better you understand how your self-doubt works – what it looks and sounds like, what situations and conditions activate it, how it impacts you – the better equipped you’ll be to keep it from taking over.


In this phase of our journey, we’ll get to know your inner critic, where that voice comes from, and exactly what it’s trying to tell you (plus I’ll let you in on a secret that will help you to see your critic coming from a mile away).

Step Two:  Create Your Confidence Toolkit

Next, we’ll create some strategies to deal with that self-doubt when it shows up.


Using what we know about how your self-doubt ticks, and some neuroscience basics, we’ll assemble a set of tools that you can use to keep that self-doubt from hijacking your leadership.

Step Three:  Let's Get Real

To create leadership confidence on a deeper level, you'll need clarity on your strengths and development opportunities.


In this phase we'll use an Emotional Intelligence assessment.  We’ll debrief your assessment together; you’ll learn about the five signposts of emotional intelligence, and will identify your most important growth areas, as well as which strengths you might better leverage.

Step Four:  Define Your Queer Leadership Style

Over several sessions, we’ll dive deep into the growth areas that are most important to you.  You’ll continue building your confidence and raising your emotional intelligence as we work with your real-time leadership challenges. 


In this phase, we’ll also explore the elements of your queer experience and identity that are important to your leadership style. You’ll craft a powerful personal statement about who you are as a queer leader, and we’ll discuss strategies for showing up authentically, everywhere you go.

Step Five: Tie it All Together

As we wrap up, we’ll work to pull together everything you’ve learned about yourself over the past 10 weeks. 


We’ll identify anything else that you need to put into place to sustain your learning and growth, and I’ll share some tools that will help you to check in with yourself periodically as you’re out there creating powerful change in the world!    

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Executive Leadership coaching

Whether you lead a function or an entire organization, as an executive leader you're dealing with unique and nuanced issues. You need someone who can support you in fine-tuning your leadership, deepening your authentic style, and making sense of profound, often ambiguous challenges. 

In my work with LGBTQ+ executive leaders, I tailor my approach to your specific needs, helping you get straight to the heart of the issues you're facing.  I bring my queer experience to the table, as well as my years of working with executive leaders in both corporate and non-profit spaces, which means that you'll be working with a coach who can quickly understand your organization, without having to educate anyone about your identity and experience as a queer leader. 

Let's talk! 

"Liz helped me see myself for who I am, and helped to me see past my own tendencies to limit who I get to be in the world. She challenged me to show up as a leader; there was no sitting back and waiting for the changes to occur. I was immediately invited into the driver's seat of my own experience. I came to achieve a level of understanding about my own potential that was previously unknown to me."

- Elayne Wylie, Co-Executive Director, Gender Justice League


group coaching

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Team Solutions

Could your team use some support to unleash their full potential?

I work with teams and organizations of any size to improve communication and collaboration, create more effective and inclusive team processes, and improve strategic planning and execution.

In addition, I have a suite of customizable leadership development content and can deliver anywhere from a single workshop to a complete leadership development program to your team.  I am also happy to create custom content for your organization.


Ready to grow your team?

Available team solutions include:


  • Delivering Effective Feedback

  • Leading for Innovation

  • Goal Setting for Career Growth

  • Effective Influencing

  • Managing Multiple Priorities

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Team/ Organizational Effectiveness

  • DiSC Behavioral Preference Assessment & Debrief

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Goal-Setting

  • Organizational Design

  • Offsite/Team Build Planning & Facilitation


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